7-Eleven ConfigSync Optimization

Project Overview

7-Eleven, Inc., a global convenience store chain with operations in 19 countries, faced a significant challenge in managing the configurations of their store machines efficiently. They needed a hierarchical store configuration system that could swiftly adapt to changes in guidelines and parameters at various levels, from regions to individual stores.

project brief

Project Brief

The project aimed to create a real-time configuration update solution for 7-Eleven, streamlining the process of updating store machine configurations while reducing both time and costs.

Project Name

7-Eleven ConfigSync Optimization


realtime configuration update solution


Reduced their configuration sync time by 93% and cost by approx 80%


Store Managers,Regional Supervisors,IT Personnel, Decision-Makers and Executives


6 Months

User Research & Problem Finding

In order to understand the scope and depth of the problem, we conducted extensive user research, engaging with key stakeholders.


  • Manual updates of store machine configurations were time-consuming.
  • Errors and inconsistencies often occurred during manual updates.
  • Lack of agility in responding to changing guidelines and parameters
  • High operational costs associated with manual configuration updates.
  • Difficulty in managing configurations across different regions and stores.
  • Risk of delays and disruptions due to the existing process's inefficiency.

Our Solutions

Our team developed a robust real-time configuration update system that addressed these pain points effectively. The solution included:

  • A centralized dashboard for managing configurations at various levels.
  • Automated updates triggered by changes in guidelines and parameters.
  • Hierarchical structure, allowing for changes at the regional, state, county, and store levels.
  • Real-time synchronization, reducing configuration update times by 93%.
  • Cost savings of approximately 80% due to reduced manual labor.

Final Result

The implementation of the solution was a carefully planned process. Our development team created a user-friendly interface for configuration management, ensuring it was intuitive and easy to navigate. We seamlessly integrated the new system with existing infrastructure to guarantee a smooth flow of data and minimal disruption. Rigorous testing and quality assurance were carried out to ensure the system's accuracy and reliability under various scenarios. To ensure a successful transition, we conducted comprehensive training sessions for 7-Eleven's staff, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to utilize the new system effectively. This holistic approach to implementation ensured a seamless transition to the real-time configuration update solution, delivering the expected benefits to 7-Eleven while minimizing any potential hiccups.

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7/11 wanted a hierarchical store configuration system wherein they expected a system that updates store machines configurations based on regions / state / county / store on change in guidelines and params. We created a realtime configuration update solution for them that reduced their configuration sync time by 93% and cost by approx 80%. The solution made the updating of store machines configuration times easier and also made it automated rather than manual.