Al-Futtaim Automotive B2B Digital Platform

Project Overview

Al-Futtaim Automotive, a division of the Al-Futtaim Group, launched an ambitious project to transform their B2B operations with a cutting-edge digital platform. The initiative aimed to provide B2B dealers with a streamlined and innovative solution for purchasing genuine spare parts, body parts, tires, batteries, and lubricants. This platform, known as the Trade Point portal, was designed to optimize the ordering and purchasing process while providing a single access point for multiple Al-Futtaim brands.

project brief

Project Brief

The project sought to address several critical challenges faced by Al-Futtaim Automotive, including the need to improve website performance, enhance parts search and tracking capabilities, provide order management features, and adapt to changes in manufacturing and product availability.

Project Name

Al-Futtaim Automotive Digital Trade Platform


B2B purchasing by offering efficient ordering, parts search, tracking, invoice management, and access to offers for multiple brands.


Single application to moderate content across multiple platform, consistency, efficiency


B2B dealers


5 Months

User Research & Problem Finding

To thoroughly understand the scope of the project, we conducted in-depth user research involving discussions with key stakeholders, including B2B dealers, procurement teams, and IT specialists. The following pain points were identified:


  • Slow and performance-limiting monolithic websites for different brands, hindering efficient cross-brand ordering.
  • Inefficient parts search and filtering functionalities within their SAP systems.
  • Lack of tools to track orders, download invoices, and access offers on existing applications.
  • Difficulty in finding replacements or newer versions of discontinued parts.

Our Solutions

Our team proposed a comprehensive solution encompassing the development of a unified web portal capable of addressing these pain points and offering enhanced functionality. This portal was designed to not only cater to Al-Futtaim's existing brands but also accommodate future brand onboarding seamlessly.

  • Development of a unified web portal capable of handling all B2B functionalities.
  • Improved website performance to enhance user experience.
  • Implementation of advanced parts search and filtering functionalities.
  • Inclusion of order tracking, invoice management, and access to offers.
  • Adaptation to changes in manufacturing and product availability.
  • Scalability to accommodate the onboarding of additional brands in the future.
  • Creation of a single sign-on (SSO) system for seamless access and integration with multiple payment portals to expedite business processes.

Final Result

The implementation journey began with a deep dive into Al-Futtaim's existing systems and requirements. We designed a user-friendly and high-performance web portal that consolidated functionalities for ordering, parts search, tracking, invoice management, and offer access. The portal was built with scalability in mind, allowing easy onboarding of additional brands planned for the future. One of the project's highlights was the development of a single sign-on (SSO) system. This SSO system unified access to the Trade Point portal and integrated it seamlessly with multiple payment portals, expediting the ordering process and improving overall business efficiency. Thorough testing and quality assurance were conducted at each phase to ensure data accuracy, security, and a smooth user experience. As the project neared completion, comprehensive training sessions were conducted for Al-Futtaim's teams, equipping them with the skills to leverage the new platform effectively.

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In conclusion, the Al-Futtaim Automotive Digital Trade Platform emerged as a powerful tool that revolutionized B2B operations. This transformative initiative not only addressed the pain points identified but also positioned Al-Futtaim Automotive for future growth by accommodating upcoming brands. Al-Futtaim Automotive could now offer a more efficient, convenient, and transparent B2B purchasing experience, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the automotive industry.