DAZN Multi-Country App Customization

Project Overview

The DAZN Group, a global sports streaming service, faced a complex challenge in managing country-specific streaming guidelines and regulations within a single version of their mobile apps and website. The project aimed to find a solution that would allow them to customize their application and features to align with the guidelines of each country while maintaining a single version of the app.

project brief

Project Brief

The project sought to address the need for country-specific application versions and features within the DAZN platform. This customization was crucial to comply with varying streaming regulations across different countries while maintaining operational efficiency.

Project Name

DAZN Multi-Country App Customization


migrated existing architecture to micro frontend, region specific feature flags


Reduced their configuration sync time by 93% and cost by approx 80%


Store Managers,Regional Supervisors,IT Personnel, Decision-Makers and Executives


6 Months

User Research & Problem Finding

In-depth user research was conducted to understand the unique challenges and requirements of DAZN's multi-country operations. Key stakeholders, including compliance teams and developers, were consulted to identify pain points and gather insights.


  • Complex operation of maintaining country-specific streaming guidelines within a single app version.
  • Challenges in adapting to varying streaming regulations across different countries.
  • Inability to swiftly customize features and content for each country.
  • Difficulty in ensuring real-time compliance with changing regulations.
  • Operational inefficiencies due to the existing setup.

Our Solutions

Our team developed a robust real-time configuration update system that addressed these pain points effectively. The solution included:

  • Migration to a micro frontend architecture to enable modular development.
  • Implementation of a feature flag-driven system for dynamic control over application features.
  • Region-specific customization, allowing DAZN to adapt content and functionality for each country.
  • Real-time updates and feature deployments without the need for extensive redeployments

Final Result

The implementation of this ambitious project was a carefully orchestrated journey that aimed to revolutionize DAZN's approach to country-specific application customization while maintaining operational efficiency. Our first strategic move was to migrate DAZN's existing architecture to a micro frontend structure. This transformation allowed us to decouple and modularize the application, setting the stage for streamlined customization. The development team worked diligently to ensure a seamless transition, minimizing disruptions to the existing system. One of the project's cornerstones was the integration of a feature flag-driven system. This innovation granted DAZN the power to dynamically control which features were visible and how they behaved in different regions. Our developers meticulously crafted this system to ensure its responsiveness to real-time changes, ultimately granting DAZN the agility they required. To empower DAZN's teams, we designed an intuitive admin interface. This interface gave them the tools they needed to manage country-specific configurations effortlessly. Training sessions were conducted, equipping DAZN's staff with the knowledge and skills to utilize the new system effectively. Throughout the implementation process, rigorous testing played a pivotal role. We subjected the application to various scenarios and configurations to guarantee its seamless functionality and compliance with the diverse requirements of each country. As the project neared completion, we stood by to provide ongoing support and assistance. Our commitment to a successful rollout remained unwavering. In the end, the transformation was not just technological but also organizational. DAZN emerged with a robust solution that enabled them to customize their application for each country, ensuring compliance with varying regulations while maintaining operational efficiency. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering innovative solutions that empower organizations to excel in complex global landscapes.

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In conclusion, the project successfully addressed DAZN's complex challenge of managing country-specific streaming guidelines within a single version of their application. The migration to a micro frontend architecture and the implementation of a feature flag-driven system allowed DAZN to customize their app for each country while maintaining operational efficiency. This project exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative technology solutions that empower global organizations like DAZN to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and deliver tailored experiences to users worldwide.