IQVIA Content Moderation System

Project Overview

IQVIA, a leading multinational company in the healthcare and clinical research industries, faced a unique challenge. They had multiple blogging websites across various platforms but lacked a unified content moderation system. The project aimed to provide them with a comprehensive content moderation solution accessible from a single application.

project brief

Project Brief

The project sought to address the need for a centralized content moderation system that could streamline IQVIA's content management across multiple platforms, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Project Name

IQVIA Content Moderation System


build micro-service based common content moderation system


Single application to moderate content across multiple platform, consistency, efficiency


Content Moderators,Content Creators,Administrators and IT Specialists.


3 Months

User Research & Problem Finding

To grasp the extent of IQVIA's content management challenges, we conducted thorough user research. This involved discussions with key stakeholders, including content creators and administrators, to pinpoint pain points and gather insights.


  • Lack of a centralized content moderation system.
  • Time-consuming content moderation across multiple platforms.
  • Risk of inconsistencies in content management.
  • Inefficient content CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) actions.
  • The need for a unified solution to enhance the moderation process.

Our Solutions

Our team proposed a robust web-driven solution designed to integrate seamlessly with IQVIA's microservices-based content systems. The core concept was to provide a unified content moderation tool that could handle all CRUD actions for their multiple blogging websites from a single application.

  • Development of a unified content moderation system accessible from a single application.
  • Implementation of efficient parts search and filtering functionalities within the SAP systems.
  • Integration of order tracking, invoice management, and access to offers within the application.
  • Introduction of tools to find replacements or newer versions of discontinued parts.
  • Scalability to accommodate future brand onboarding.
  • Creation of a single sign-on (SSO) system for seamless access and integration with multiple payment portals to expedite business processes.

Final Result

The implementation of this solution began with a comprehensive analysis of IQVIA's existing content systems and requirements. We designed a web-driven interface that served as the front-end for content moderation, enabling IQVIA's team to access and manage content from one centralized location. Behind the scenes, our development team seamlessly integrated this interface with IQVIA's existing micro-service based content systems. This integration allowed for real-time data synchronization and updates, ensuring that content moderation actions were reflected consistently across all platforms. Testing played a crucial role in this project. Rigorous testing scenarios were executed to validate the functionality and security of the system. We ensured that the content moderation tool met IQVIA's high standards for data integrity and compliance. Once the system was ready for deployment, we provided comprehensive training to IQVIA's team members, equipping them with the skills to effectively use the new content moderation solution. Throughout the implementation, our team maintained open communication with IQVIA's stakeholders, addressing feedback and fine-tuning the system to align with their evolving needs.

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In conclusion, the project delivered a unified content moderation solution that significantly streamlined IQVIA's content management processes. This transformative endeavour not only enhanced operational efficiency but also ensured consistency and compliance across their multiple blogging platforms. IQVIA emerged with a powerful tool to maintain their online content seamlessly, reinforcing their position as a leader in the healthcare and clinical research industries.